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System Model and Parameters

Base Station (BS) $\{i=1,...,M\}$, User Equipment (UE) $\{j=1,...,N\}$ constitute the system. $$\\$$ Each BS is equiped with $N_r=2$ receive antennas and each UE is equiped with $N_t=1$ transmit antenna. $$\\$$ $\sigma_i^2=-63.97\textrm{ }\text{dBm}$ is the Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) power.$$\\$$ $P_{max}=23\textrm{ }\text{dBm}$ is the maximum UE transmit power.$$\\$$ Path Loss model : $n=3$ is the pathloss exponent, $d_0=1\textrm{ }\text{m}$ is the reference distance, $L_{d_{0}}=38.45\textrm{ }\text{dB}$ is the pathloss at $d_0$. \begin{equation} L_d= L_{d_{0}} \left(\frac{d}{d_0}\right)^n \end{equation} $$\\$$

Note : The chosen arbitrary values are just for demonstration.