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Going Further
Trellises and Viterbi Decoding

As we have seen, naive maximum likelihood decoding becomes infeasible for larger code dimensions. Explore how trellises can enable ML decoding of convolutional and block codes using the viterbi algorithm in the Trellises in Error Control Coding Webdemo!

Iterative Decoding

Many channel coding schemes in standards involve iterative decoding. Understand the basics of iterative decoding in the Peeling Decoder Webdemo. Learn about EXIT charts of LDPC and Turbo codes in the webdemos EXIT Charts for LDPC Codes and EXIT Charts for Turbo Codes. Find out how good LDPC codes are designed in the webdemo Degree Distribution Optimization of LDPC Codes.

Codes in Standards

Explore the structure of LDPC Codes used for example in WiFi in the LDPC Codes in Communication Standards Webedemo. In 5G, Polar codes are used. Find out more about them in the Polar Codes Webdemo!